Safety measures at

We’re back! We have now implemented all essential measures to create a safe workspace in relation to COVID-19.

Mosaiker en un punto de desinfección cumpliendo las medidas establecidas.
Mamparas de seguridad por el Covid en las mesas individuales
Protection equipment

You are required to enter the coworking area with a face mask as a protection measure. We have gloves and masks available for co-workers.

Disinfectant gels

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers have been placed at the entrances to the main area, the kitchen and the toilets.

Air conditioning

Each room has its own split air conditioner, avoiding the circulation of air between spaces.


All rooms face onto the exterior of the building and have windows and balconies, making them easier to ventilate on a daily basis.

Sanitization points

We have installed sanitization points at the entrance to facilitate personal and mandatory disinfection of all people entering the coworking space.

Protective screens

All desks are separate, and we have placed safety screens to strengthen the separation of workspaces.

Automatic soap dispensers

We have replaced the previous soap dispensers in the kitchen and toilets with automatic dispensers with hand proximity sensors.

Reduced occupancy

In common areas and meeting rooms, occupancy has been reduced to guarantee a safe social distancing.

Frequent cleaning

Cleaning and sanitization measures at Mosaico have been intensified, especially in frequently used areas.

Safety measure signage

We have placed signs in all critical areas and at the entrance to constantly remind co-workers and encourage them to observe all safety measures.

The safety of the Mosaico community is paramount

If you want to join us, please let us know before you visit us!

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